Our founder and CEO Annie Gibbins

Established in 2015 by Annie Gibbins, a dedicated C-suite executive, Women’s Biz Global is a visionary initiative empowering women in business.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to cultivate a dynamic space for women to initiate, expand, and elevate their businesses, creating global brands for boundless prosperity. We offer a comprehensive approach to guide your business and brand success.

Annie Gibbins' personal mission is to empower one million women globally for financial independence, driven by the belief that it grants the freedom to unapologetically live a life you love.

Stevie Gold Winner

for Women in Business, solidifying our position as Global Leaders.

Guiding you to success is our priority. Whether you're at a crossroads or uncertain about your path, our coaching, media, and publishing opportunities provide the tools for rapid success without stress and overwhelm.

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Annie Gibbins

Annie Gibbins

G100 Australian Chair Equity and Equality.
Global Woman for Good.
Global Goodwill Ambassador.

“I’m committed to challenging women’s mindsets and unlocking their full potential.”


Unlock Your Potential with Annie

Hello, I'm Annie, your catalyst for success. As Founder and CEO of Women’s Biz Global, I empower women to create unstoppable global brands. With 20+ years of executive experience, I provide tools and inspiration to overcome challenges. Join me on Women’s Biz TV or listen to my Women’s Biz Podcast.

As a trailblazing influencer, #1 Best Selling Author, and international speaker, I offer a comprehensive package, drawing insights from my journey as a mum of 5, including 2 sets of twins. Whether through mentoring or brand building, I'm here to unlock your potential. Let's chat and overcome limiting beliefs for your success!

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Meet Our Awesome Team

Annie Gibbins

Annie Gibbins

Founder & CEO

Ally Hensley

Ally Hensley

Creative Director Media

Mirza Gohar

Mirza Gohar

Magazine Graphic Designer

Prue Clark

Prue Clark



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We can empower you to become the authority on your niche

Our commitment is to foster a vibrant environment where women can launch, grow, and elevate their enterprises, crafting global brands for limitless success. Through our three integral components, we empower women to realize their full potential.

  • Women’s Biz Coaching

    Provide women with personalized coaching and mentorship to enhance their professional development and entrepreneurial skills.

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  • Women’s Biz Media

    Amplify women’s voices and stories through diverse media channels to reach millions globally.

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  • Women’s Biz Publishing

    Empower women to share their knowledge and experiences through published works, amplifying their voices and enhancing their authority in the business world.

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About us and Our team

Impact and future outlook

By leveraging these initiatives and our diamond partnership with LeadHERship Global, Women’s Biz Global aims to empower one million women to achieve financial independence. As the programs continue to grow and evolve, they will have a cascading effect, inspiring more women to take charge of their financial destinies.

The success of these initiatives will not only be measured in economic terms but also in the collaborative efforts and a commitment to vision. Women’s Biz Global endeavours to create a lasting legacy of empowered women leaders around the world.


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