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Women's Biz Magazine is a quarterly digital publication, available on PressReader to a global reach of 300M and 12M monthly subscribers. The magazine features articles from business leaders, innovators, thought-trail blazers, and change agents and includes content aligned to 12 Business and Life Pillars.

Our mission is to empower women to rise above their circumstance through a collection of inspirational articles that dare them to dream big and act bigger. Each edition is dedicated to featuring paid submissions, advertisements, editors’ choice awards and guest features in the form of rotating or single issues columns.

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Join Women's Biz Magazine, a global community of ambitious women celebrating wins together. Success is sweeter when built on a united framework. Every female leader has a tribe of cheerleaders. We've moved past solo journeys; the empowerment movement, led by incredible women, is reshaping the narrative.

Become part of a diverse community: storytellers, mothers, entrepreneurs, leaders, family-makers, and more. Your journey begins in The Women's Biz Magazine expose your brand, uncover potential, and discover new ideas!

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